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Subject: Complete My Sentence
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m0n0liza 25.12.09 - 11:21am
Here is a Game!
I wil tell an Incomplete sentence and someone shud finish it. Likewise they shud tell another Incomplete sentence...... and game goes on and on and on..... We can even tell stories wid tis game.... Lets start the game......

Once upon a time I bought popcorn n drinks *

m0n0liza 25.12.09 - 11:22am
Once upon a time I bought popcorn n drinks and went to a movie. hehe Bzd2HxzEZe0Y2EqWYVaU.gif *

m0n0liza 25.12.09 - 11:23am
I saw a dream in which.........

- now complete this sentence? *

ur_fairy 26.12.09 - 12:13pm
I saw a Dream in which, I met my Dream Man n Kissed Him kissy.GIF lol.GIF *

ur_fairy 26.12.09 - 12:13pm
Tomorw is the ........... *

ur_fairy 26.12.09 - 12:14pm
Complete the above sentencee........... *

imzu 26.12.09 - 03:26pm
Tomorrow is 'sunday' lol2.GIF ha ha ha....n nxt: my gf kissed me,n i......ans dis sentence! *

ur_fairy 26.12.09 - 04:03pm
My GF kissed me and I kissed her toooooo 9rlQ6GNPDG.gif hehe *

ur_fairy 26.12.09 - 04:04pm
Many years ago there lived a farmer who is...........

complete it..... hehe *

zeeenat 27.12.09 - 05:10am
a farmer who is... very kind hearted.

He love his family and ...... *

m_o_o_n 27.12.09 - 06:28am
He love his family and his garden.

next sentence.....

The garden is full of *

heal.gal 27.12.09 - 12:40pm
The garden is full of beauty.

Friendship is.....
[complete the sentence above] *

fursa 28.12.09 - 06:27am
Friendship is seein u covered in dirt n helpin u get clean...
LOVE IS... *

heal.gal 28.12.09 - 07:18am
Love is not Love if it does not serve and sacrifice.

next: God is...... *

br0ken4u 28.12.09 - 01:09pm

Next: My dream is to..... *

heal.gal 28.12.09 - 04:44pm
My Dream is to get all our Friends back here.

next: He is a strange........ *

heal.gal 29.12.09 - 04:57am
He is a Strange person who touched our Hearts lovesme.GIF *

heal.gal 29.12.09 - 04:59am
Fallen-Roses is a......
[complete it..] *

shriya8 29.12.09 - 06:42am
Fallen-roses is a garden where friendshp blooms. hurray.GIF
nxt: i will ask God_ *

heal.gal 29.12.09 - 07:43am
I wil ask God to Shower His Blessingz upon Shriya...pray.GIF

next: My lovely dream cannot.......... *

br0ken4u 29.12.09 - 10:17am
My lovely dream cannot Fail.

complete this sent-
Little girl while crossing the road..... *

imzu 29.12.09 - 11:37am
A little girl while crossin d road felt in a accident! Nxt: my mom scolded me,wn i saw a s*xy girl frm d ? *

heal.gal 29.12.09 - 01:01pm
frm the next door.... hehe.GIF

next is.....

where thr is a will..... *

zeeenat 29.12.09 - 01:04pm
.... there is a way.

when i wokeup in the morning ....


heal.gal 29.12.09 - 02:53pm

Long long ago there lived a....... *

imzu 29.12.09 - 04:30pm
hug.GIF Long long ago , there lived a king called Shajahan *

heal.gal 30.12.09 - 04:33am
haha... then wat is d next incomplete sentence Imzu?? hehe.GIF *

heal.gal 30.12.09 - 04:34am
Shah Jahan fell in love wid a...... *

br0ken4u 30.12.09 - 09:37am
Shah Jahan Fell in LOVE with the Beautiful Princess Mumtaz.

He built Taj Mahal as....... *

imzu 30.12.09 - 11:06am
Tajmahal was build as a memory of death of mumtaz...nxt: ghost.GIF ghost is ....... *

shriya8 30.12.09 - 11:47am
Ghost is my roomate in hostel. nxt: girls are fond of_ *

heal.gal 30.12.09 - 12:18pm
Girls are fond of jewellery and cosmetics! hehe.GIF

Guys are fond of.......??? *

ajnabii 30.12.09 - 12:53pm
Ferrari.GIF *

imzu 30.12.09 - 01:07pm
lol2.GIF guys r fond of girls...nxt: sleep.GIF 1 girl ws sleepin n suddenly!...... *

heal.gal 30.12.09 - 02:36pm
1 girl was sleeping and suddenly got up! tease.GIF

Everyone in this World.......
(complete the sentence above) *

shriya8 30.12.09 - 04:22pm
Evry1 in this world breathe in oxygen. Nxt: tractor was moving on the road but_ *

imzu 30.12.09 - 05:55pm
A tractor ws goin bt it ws break fail !! *

heal.gal 31.12.09 - 05:39am

Wen the girl was born........ *

shriya8 31.12.09 - 11:51am
....evry1 hugged each othr in delight *

shriya8 31.12.09 - 11:54am
Nxt: i walked in rain_ *

ur_fairy 31.12.09 - 03:52pm
I Walked in Rain and No-0ne Knew I m Crying....... *

ur_fairy 31.12.09 - 03:54pm

This is an Unforgetable...........RqsxKQzE9tjaiAp95IoR.gif *

imzu 31.12.09 - 05:09pm
dis is an unforgetable group ever in my life!! proud.GIF *

ur_fairy 31.12.09 - 05:36pm
Awwwwwww........ Tats tremendous........ Imzuuuuuuuu caoONwEa7h.gif *

ur_fairy 31.12.09 - 05:38pm
next sentence:

She noticed him for the............ *

imzu 31.12.09 - 07:29pm
hairstyle he had... *

zakkhan 1.01.10 - 05:28am

ur_fairy 1.01.10 - 07:06am
Smile on his face made her feel d Heaven!!! cute.GIF


The Healthy Life is a........... *

imzu 1.01.10 - 12:37pm
The healthy life is healthy happiness...nxt: i joind in d wrestlin compition,n wn i saw d stage!....?.... boxer.GIF *

ur_fairy 1.01.10 - 12:51pm
I joind in d wrestlin compition,n wn i saw d stage, I fainted... hahaha.GIF

The memories of U makes Me.......7KYbT5hCC3VNHNUfC5Ze.gif *

imzu 1.01.10 - 01:40pm
The memories of u make me feel happy! Nxt: im vry hungry,n i need pizza..Bt i hv jst 2 rupees! N i thought.....?...... idea.GIF *

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