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Subject: ...::Fallen Roses Office::...
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kind.bro 4.03.11 - 07:15pm
sory not hurting..didi is hurted a lot bcoz of him *

saif7 4.03.11 - 07:24pm
Its ok kind bro people like him will come creates problems and disappair somewere ........ He is not proveing anything by writeing non sence ...(enjoy) *

ur.fairy 4.03.11 - 09:32pm
Thank U Ashu... Bro Mammmu.... flower.GIF and Saif... u r right... Let me nt listen his words again... I just thot he wil b my good frnd for my lyftym.. but he just forgot all his promises n acting nw wid all hatred. God will punish him for breaking my heart. I m sincere wid all my frndz till nw. But he just made me cry for being true wid him. Nice reward he given me. Thx. I m gone frm his lyf forevr.

ur.fairy 7.03.11 - 07:27am
Attention Modz....

Four Files being deleted.... who deleted it... Kindly report in office topic... Also if mods move files inside folder, they just report here, so as all othr mods will identify ur parti tion. thank_you.GIF airkiss.GIF

kind.bro 18.03.11 - 12:39pm
Hello haramix. Who are you? *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 01:23pm
Kind.bro... Just ban him, if u feel he is odd. cuddle.GIF *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 02:51pm
????!!!???!? *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 02:58pm
is there anybody to chat with me for some times..? *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 03:01pm
Yeah u can chat in *Angelz vs. Monsterz* topic... curtsey.GIF *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 03:01pm
hellooo friendsss... *

josh669 18.03.11 - 03:23pm
Wave.GIF hello.. Any1 wanna chat ?? *

josh669 18.03.11 - 03:24pm
Wave.GIF ur.fairy! *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 03:26pm
This topic is not to chat.... Come to d othr chatting topic Josh.... hmm.GIF *

josh669 18.03.11 - 03:30pm
Wave.GIF its office and cant we ppl chat here??.. I got rights to post any wer i want!! By the way who is the owner of this group to give out such silly rules?? *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 03:33pm
threaten.GIF u cant chat here... lolz *

josh669 18.03.11 - 03:35pm
Wave.GIF golmaal is back again! *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 03:36pm
swing.GIF u r Banned *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 04:32pm
8 ids of Ryan_x banned so far...... swing.GIF *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 04:35pm
checkm8x *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 04:37pm
daud_x banned swing.GIF *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 04:40pm
10 ids of ryan_x banned so far.....
aYnWF91qxCpRBJCMIqCc.jpg *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 04:50pm
Before banning why u ran away??? swing.GIF *

kind.bro 18.03.11 - 04:56pm
Who d hell you all blood. Y u all very rude. samir you are a Muslim and how rubbish you are talking? See HOW allaH will punish you badly. Dont you know d value of girls? If some one talks about your mom and sister like dat ? Definitely i am telling you gonna punish very badly by god *

ur.fairy 18.03.11 - 05:08pm
He is not a muslim. He is ryan_x.... Aarav.... The one whom I trusted once.... Nw he gives me rewardzzzz for trusting him. *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 05:23pm
sorry i don know whats really happend..its better for ryan.x to *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 05:25pm
consult a physiologist..i feel pitty of u *

raguna84 18.03.11 - 05:35pm
i mean psychologist.. *

aappkk 18.03.11 - 07:11pm
u r rite frnd! dnt worry iam here! will make fallen roses a beautiful garden with highly secured...by the way iam arun...and thnx fr u jenny for choosing me as the mod over here.. i think iam in at the rite time and rite place..i think u can understand jenny better than anyone else.. *

ashtez 19.03.11 - 11:52am
bt i tink he neee 4 a punching prsn 4 him or a hunting prsn 4 his fami fems,cz if his mind is too muci dirty for femz thn d femz of his fami also crazy 4 men...bt myt b he try his best to his fami femz probz by himslf evn thos r his mum,sis,sil,aunts. *

rashid18 28.03.11 - 02:00pm
Who deleted my topic named Love hurts so much?angry.GIF *

69sin69 29.03.11 - 11:40am
mrdavid lol *

saif7 30.03.11 - 07:47pm
where is fairy , she is ofline from 11days, is she useing any secondry id....??? *

armaansx 31.03.11 - 09:55am
Ryt saif bro..me too missng jenny. *

0silent0 4.04.11 - 08:55am
hit.GIF anuuu, why you left group? sad.GIF *

foxiboyx 5.04.11 - 09:48am
s0me of d posts tat hurtz membaz feelingz had been dltd. 10x. *

saif7 6.04.11 - 08:39am
foxiboyx and which are that topics ,,just dont delete topics also create equal number of topics that u deleted or modify them ,this is how jenny use to do....friends.GIF *

shreya9 27.04.11 - 08:54pm
salute.GIF I m on duty- moderator *

donadi 1.05.11 - 01:21pm
me too salute.GIF *

0silent0 14.07.11 - 09:10am
Banned by me.
Reason...... Wrote bad words agains owner of this group.

0silent0 20.09.11 - 06:58am
thank_you.GIF thx oarofhop,,
For upload files in our rose garden. kissy.GIF *

swtchoco 23.09.11 - 04:03am
Good Job Silent bro:) hugs:) *

0silent0 23.09.11 - 04:03am
Tq sweet bro.. hug.GIF *

hotguy24 20.10.11 - 02:54am

Fallen Roses Member Friends in Group crossed 3000 mark..

Very very great and Happy Moments..

happy.GIFdance4.GIFhappy.GIFdance4.GIFhappy.GIFdance4.GIFhappy.GIF *

swtchoco 7.11.11 - 03:12am

ChK66SL8JKbJxaYXNaCa.gif *

tr00754 9.11.11 - 02:37pm

swtchoco 9.11.11 - 02:44pm
hey hey Dr. Nikhil How can I forget you bhai.. *

hotguy24 15.11.11 - 01:45am
Who are Lesbians topic - is locked by me and its not suitable to this lovely and friendly group

Hope all agree with me friends.. *

pintu82 21.11.11 - 03:28pm
Where r u Jenny ??? *

rockerxx 8.01.12 - 02:41am
hey friends! will Jenny come or not if any one is in contact with her ? pls let me know *

hotguy24 11.01.12 - 03:37am
2pix uploaded in group approved by me the same.. *

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