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Subject: Ur username...
Replies: 48 Views: 1582

opera4t 3.11.10 - 04:35pm
Hey dis topic is met 4 all group member.just tell us hw u came about ur username or nickname nd lets knw who gave u d funny nd nice a.k.a.c'mon lets make fun..... *

opera4t 3.11.10 - 04:39pm
Hey my username is wel knw 2 all cos its originated 4rm internet software called opera mini.4 was name opera4T by my frnd knw as ZYNA J.cos i knw much abt d software nd i am d first to discover d application among my frnds nd my hobbies is to surf d web.nd dis make dis frnd of mine zyna j 2 name me opera4t.nd i realy love it... *

opera4t 3.11.10 - 04:41pm
vQzQZ927MjRwIUg23svL.jpg *

princ3zz 3.11.10 - 05:12pm
As evryone knew I Luv Fairy tales a lot and love to talk n think abt Fantasy. So I keep idz lyk ur.fairy, m_o_o_n, 0h.fairy, li0n.gal, tig3rgal, princ3zz which are all fantasy usernamez n exclusively created for Fallen Roses group for various purpose hehe.GIF Excuse me.. sneeze.GIF lol *

saif7 4.11.10 - 11:19am
Just saif my name and 7 is my lucky number thats all not any strange story behind it *

princ3zz 4.11.10 - 11:56am
Saif7.... its a nyc story well narrated lol.GIF *

opera4t 5.11.10 - 06:33am
Anyone thr to reply? *

zyna_j 5.11.10 - 12:58pm
Wel,ds hw i came abt my username..i ws nicknamed by a frnd of mine knwn as t_gold,1 of d modrators of woRLD OF roMANCE..ZYNA is an acronym why d 'j' is an initial 4 Jude which is my name..all 2geda 2 form zyna_j *

princ3zz 5.11.10 - 02:07pm
Awwwwwww very sweet Zyna... Nice to knw abt ur username history thank_you.GIF *

opera4t 5.11.10 - 10:37pm
Nice 2 knw u ar here my close pal d person of Mr.ZYNA J 7BiNKDHuoUNQTSDyuFDZ.jpg.i realy love ur nickname its sounds adventurous. *

sw33ty4u 5.11.10 - 10:42pm
i love my username coz im sweet n loving 4u! N my nickname is my fav. Flower redroserose.GIF n call me sw8tyros *

opera4t 6.11.10 - 12:02am
Hehe u ar truely sweetroseh1AECPjOZcow8JdJRrpA.gif.i love ur nickname 2 dear. *

opera4t 6.11.10 - 12:03am
Anyone thr 2 reply?expecting more.... *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 03:24am
Awww Jacob... U learnt to add images wow.GIF *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 03:25am
Sweety.... U r sweet alwyz kissyou.GIF *

opera4t 6.11.10 - 05:30am
Tanks jenni,i wil always appreciate wot u av done 4 me making me d man i am 2dayXNCC8PkBRf7Q8kB9BFg0.gif.more grease to ur elbow Prof.jenni *

opera4t 6.11.10 - 05:32am
U ar d sweetest gal ever ever,u ar beautiful wearing a leather.zDBUCFZXWrr47CMDuWBX.gif@ur.fairy *

suraj242 6.11.10 - 06:29am
I wil say later when i have time..
Bcz its a very long story.. *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 07:21am
wow Jacob... u practising well, wat u have learnt... I feel happy as u adding beautiful animationz nw. THX for honouring me happy2.GIF Btw am I Prof.Jenni??? hehe.GIF *

win1980 6.11.10 - 07:26am
winnie my name
1980 my birth of yearhmm3.GIF *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 07:28am
Winnie... hmm3.GIF Wat made u so tired while saying these two lines??? hehe tease.GIF *

donadi 6.11.10 - 09:07am
My friends use to call me Don coz whenever I make or recieve a call the first word I use tell Don and about Adi I saw this movie Saathiyaa n liked it so much that I took hero's pet name which heroin use to call him in that movie, so it created my nick name as DONADI *

saif7 6.11.10 - 09:33am
don sharukkhan adi vivek oberoy mix of both *

suraj242 6.11.10 - 09:45am
I don't like my username bcz i hv sign up here with mistake..
That time i dnt knew anythng abt prodigits...
But now my usrname is famous smile.GIF hehe.GIF *

sw33ty4u 6.11.10 - 10:30am
hug.GIF tnk u sisrose.GIF 4u mwah *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 11:39am
Don Don Don hilarious.GIF
Surajjjjjjjjjjjj boo.GIF *

win1980 6.11.10 - 02:04pm
yes jenni, im to tired, dnt have energy to text *

suraj242 6.11.10 - 04:00pm
Helo sis *

ur.fairy 6.11.10 - 04:11pm
hug.GIF Take rest dear *

opera4t 7.11.10 - 12:45pm
yeah nice username we al are aving.who is going to reply next? *

sw33ty4u 7.11.10 - 01:03pm
da next reply 4 sw33ty4u is sweet 4u *

li0n.gal 7.11.10 - 01:14pm
next is jenni *

opera4t 7.11.10 - 10:06pm
oh both jenni nd sw33ty4u misd d topic nd its jacob dat get it wow i am d world greatest *

souldrmz 9.11.10 - 03:32am
All of u missed the answers hahaha.GIF
my username is choosen as a fantasy name which I love the most *

ur.fairy 9.11.10 - 07:53am
Ah yes I missed d topic bcz of my sw33ty sis oops2.GIF hahaha *

98969896 11.11.10 - 05:50am
my nice name is montu. But every 1 call me bobby.my uncle watch the movie Bobby 24 tymz.wn am born,he says to me,hi kuchi puchi bobby. Hahahaha *

sw33ty4u 11.11.10 - 06:15am
oh sis i have problem 4 my net im so sadsad.GIF mwah *

sw33ty4u 11.11.10 - 06:16am
yes operat i misd da topic coz my netcry2.GIF *

ur.fairy 11.11.10 - 06:25am
dnt cry sis... nw u r bck nah??? hug.GIF *

ur.fairy 11.11.10 - 06:28am
MONTU bobby.... hurray.GIF Nyc to knw ur name history. But V want ur id history??? *

sw33ty4u 11.11.10 - 06:31am
hug.GIF tnk u sis yes im bck bt hope my net gud coz its wireless only. Im sorry if im nt here always sis *

opera4t 12.11.10 - 06:07am
stil more 2 come.post more nd more abt ur username *

4ohh4 12.11.10 - 08:33am
Have no idea it just came up like that hehe.... 1aoy1zr5YNeXgxoVOVkT.gif ....maybe its kinda like that 404 error i sometimes get...1aoy1zr5YNeXgxoVOVkT.gif *

opera4t 12.11.10 - 04:20pm
dats great my dear i am jacob 4rm nigeria@4ohh4 *

sw33ty4u 12.11.10 - 04:48pm
music.GIF *

98969896 12.11.10 - 05:30pm
getout.GIF @ohh......@404.......haha.GIF *

opera4t 14.11.10 - 07:09am
I knw the members of this loving group is so numerous, so i expect this topic to be fill up wit replies cos i knw we al av nickname or username.so i want u all to reply it nw. *

princ3zz 14.11.10 - 07:18am
right.GIF yeah Jacob is right *

warded 3.05.18 - 01:09am
I was in Aurora Hospital Ward 6-2 at the time... or was it 16-1 hmm.GIF *

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