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Subject: Boyz Special Kissing Room....
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ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:12am
Just a funny topic to KISS anyone u lyk but dont mislead it.... Get ready to Kiss anyone of ur choice... shy.GIF poof.GIF

FreeKiss.jpg *

saif7 2.02.11 - 08:14am

i like to kisss *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:14am
lmao.GIF I m gone..... *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:14am
lol don't leave the topic jennii :)...boys will not kiss boys lol that's a rule *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:17am
Yes Kasss... Boys can kiss anyone.... hehe.GIF Just lyk we hit evryone in our Girlz topic.... lmao.GIF No big rules
I miss my Boy friend........ where is he?? hehe.GIF

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:17am
That's an old pic of katrina...she's become slim n s*xy...I thought I wud never like her but my mind is changing lol *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:18am
Anyone? lol jenii :) then ill kiss you! Haha *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:21am
Ahhh ok kass.... then in return u must b ready to get mine... Dnt knw if its kiss or hit...get ready wink2.GIF *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:22am
hehe.GIF Spidey mate u r in queue 2 kiss her haha .. lol4.GIF Dnt worry .. Ur turn will also come hahaha *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:24am
lol3.GIF I mean queue of kissing my Fairybby hahaha *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:24am
No Sunil... He already kissed.... hehe.GIF Not in que I guess... hahaha.GIF
0DxLuMMOSR35mTHVP0ER.jpg *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:25am
It was a quick friendly kiss lol jenii don't hit me cuz I don't disappoint girls when I kiss them :) lol *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:27am
He is on fire in that pic lol *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:30am
Ohh I changed tat pix.... lolz as u said he is on fire.... See tat fire agn here..
brb.GIF lunch tym kass n sunil *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:34am
lol look how he is holding the woman...so ruff lol *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:35am
Yes but.... here it is You.. So u r a Fire... run.GIF *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:40am
lol4.GIF Spidey mate whn u gv ring 2 Fairybby ... Omg .. We cn see that in her hand in that picture .. Wahaha *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:42am
drool.GIF Eat well Fairybby ... Dnt dream abt the kiss whn u eat ... Hahaha ... No matter hw longer is the queue ... Just make ur tummy full mwahaha.GIF *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:43am
Ohh wat...? shocked.GIF wedding ring huh? wen Kass u gave me tat? even i didnt notice it... Sunil... ur eyes r sharp lol5.GIF... chee chee sunil is a bad boy... lolz *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:43am
Nah jenni is the one in the second pic but I'm not this guy lol I don't have a moustache and I've never wore white in ages lol
Btw the guy in the first pic is salman khan? *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:47am
ohhh Salman Khan n othr unknwn... faint3.GIF Then its not me run.GIF hahaha *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:48am
Yes Sunil... I m still here... Yet to go for lunch... sad.GIF *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:48am
spy.GIF Fairybby Im very sharp mind guy hehe.GIF *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:49am
Jenii :) I fink u shuld go for lunch and stop thinking about salman khan lol *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 08:54am
yeah i miss my Aamir khan.... I dnt want salman.... @kass *

bethink 2.02.11 - 08:55am
kissy.GIF Fairybby dnt be sad .. I will kiss you later whn ur tummy is full :p .. Nw go 4 lunch hehe.GIF hahaha *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 08:56am
lol aamir khan has shaved his head *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:00am
Not film star Aamir... my ex-bf *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:01am
sunil.... ok dear kissy.GIF *

bethink 2.02.11 - 09:02am
lmao.GIF Fairybby Thn we must shave hs head wahahaha *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:03am
hehe.GIF ohh no... cheee cheee *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:06am
ouch dnt hit.... stop... y hitting *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 09:07am
I'm kinda growing my hair lol *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:09am
hit.GIF rofl.GIF hi spidey . *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:10am
hit.GIF rofl.GIF *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:10am
This topic to kiss n nt hit....
wat u saying Kass? *

babi 2.02.11 - 09:12am
Kiss in da kitchen... daydream.GIF hmmmm *

bethink 2.02.11 - 09:13am
run.GIF Bro hitter u r here .. Haha bring ur gal here n kiss her .. Dnt hit the boys *

bethink 2.02.11 - 09:14am
daydream.GIF Kiss in the toilet .. That must be very lusty wahahaha *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:14am
lips.GIF _ daydream.GIF _lips2.GIF *

98969896 2.02.11 - 09:14am
i hv no any gl frnd sad.GIF .,wr is my lipsy gl. *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:15am
hit.GIF. U toilet kissr pintwan ! rofl2.GIF *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:16am
sunil... hit.GIF
see that pix n keep quite awwww *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:18am
mwah2.GIF *

saif7 2.02.11 - 09:19am
Yaaaakkkk so much kisss ,,run.GIF *

ur.fairy 2.02.11 - 09:22am
monkeys dnt knw d taste of mangoes.. they want only bananas. so they run out saying yuck...tease.GIF *

bethink 2.02.11 - 09:22am
daydream.GIF Fairybby Hv u ever think abt kissing in toilet wahaha lol3.GIF *

babi 2.02.11 - 09:23am
kick.GIF che che che how can u kiss in toilet..? Pinti stink.GIF ewwww yuck yuk.GIF hahahahaha lol5.GIF *

mr.hittr 2.02.11 - 09:27am
stink.GIF pintuwan *

spidy2k5 2.02.11 - 09:29am
Babi is quite adventurous lol

Jenii I was finking if my valentine wud like long hair or not lol or shall I got bald? *

babi 2.02.11 - 09:31am
boast.GIF I am, Kas proud.GIF lol lmao.GIF *

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