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mrdavid 10.03.11 - 04:59pm
Request Your Favourate Songs Here And I Will Get Them For You ! *

pal1n 11.03.11 - 01:50am
Hi mrdavid can u get me cowboy by kid Rock.. And also kryptonite by 3doors down and lifeline by paparoach. Thanks in advance mrdavid. *

pal1n 11.03.11 - 02:02am
Rockin in the free world by Pearl Jam / To be with you by Mr.Big / wonderwall by Oasis. Please get them for me mrdavid. *

ur.fairy 11.03.11 - 03:00am
536PC93bxSI6EOCa1Jq5.gif Welcome Mr.David inside our Garden of Fallen Roses. Hope u wil hve a nyc tym here...... I m really surprised to see tis topic. Thx for taking tis huge responsibility of sharing d music files to all our membrz. We r sooooooo happy to have u wid us. flower.GIF *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:21am
Glad To Be Here

http://www.hockleyhideout.com/music/kid_rock_cowboy.mp3 Kid Rock-Cowboy *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:26am

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/1418/128/3_Doors_Down_Kryptonite_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en 3 Doors Down-Kryptonite *

ur.fairy 11.03.11 - 04:45am
curtsey.GIF Its our pleasure too. Can u add d following songz:

1. All I Want Is You, U2
2. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
3. Lover Lay Down, The Dave Matthews Band
4. I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston
5. True Companion, Marc Cohn

Thx in advance Mr.David airkiss.GIF *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:59am
http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/37825/128/Papa_Roach_Lifeline_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Papa Roach-Lifeline *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 05:05am
Great choice of songs Jen proud.GIF love this group and its members mwah2.GIF already! *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 05:11am

http://under420.com/music/Pearl%20Jam/Newcastle%202006/31%20Rockin'%20In%20The%20Free%20World.mp3 Pearl Jam-Rockin In The Free World Neil Young Cover. *

ur.fairy 11.03.11 - 05:55am
shy.GIF Awwwwww is it??? Thx bro. hurray.GIF *

saif7 11.03.11 - 07:47am
Good topic ,, and fairys choice of songs is always good i also noticed that,,,.... *

ur.fairy 11.03.11 - 08:21am
Awww Thx Saif.... hug.GIF *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 03:43pm
http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/3477/64/Oasis_Wonderwall_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Oasis-Wonderwall *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 03:46pm
http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/35946/64/Mr_Big_To_Be_With_You_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Mr Big-To Be With You *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 03:52pm
http://paradisoperduto.myblog.it/files/canzoni/U2%20-%20All%20I%20Want%20Is%20You.mp3 U2-All I Want Is You 2thumbsup.GIF *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 03:58pm
http://www.milwaukeebay.com/music/087_-_Eric_Clapton_-_Wonderful_Tonight.mp3 Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:08pm
http://dc255.4shared.com/img/312875023/74cf1015/dlink__2Fdownload_2F312875023_2F74cf1015_3Ftsid_3D00000000-000000-00000000/preview.mp3 Dave Mathews Band-Lover Lay Down *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:16pm
http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/22475/128/Whitney_Houston_I_Will_Always_Love_You_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Whitney Houston-I Will Always Love You *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:23pm
http://bodapasoapaso.com/secciones/preparativos/musicayentretenimiento/musica/recepcion/primerbaileingles/TrueCompanion.mp3 Marc Cohn-True Companion *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 04:32pm
My Fellow Members: Dont Be Afraid To Request Non English Music! swing.GIF I Can Find Most Songs! *

lucky_18 11.03.11 - 08:41pm
Hello mrdavid! Its sucha nyc feeling to have u here amongst us in diz grp.
Me want sum bollywood tracks..

1) Humein Jabse Mohabaat Hogayi ( BORDER movie)
2) Roop Tera Mastana (remix)
Thanx mrdavid :) *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 09:31pm
Hey Lucky wave.GIF

http://www.mp3hungama.com/music/audio//Indian/Indian%20Movies/Border/Hamen%20Jab%20Se%20Mohabbat.mp3 Humein Jab Se Mohabbat-Border *

mrdavid 11.03.11 - 09:37pm
Whats the name of the second song my friend? Any 1 wanting songs,plz name artist(s) and bracket the song! Thank you. *

lucky_18 12.03.11 - 03:39am
thanx mrdavid u are gr8 . Btw i forgot the name of the second songs album. thanks.GIF *

pal1n 12.03.11 - 05:41am
hurray.GIF mrdavid got me my tracks x thank u bro lol *

ur.fairy 12.03.11 - 06:22am
Thank u so much bro David hug.GIF... U saying u can give any song... Will it b possible for u to get my mother-tongue songz... I mean Tamil songs, as well???? I just want Tamil songz... If u can Let me knw plz. I wil ask u one or two songz tat I didnt get so far... sad.GIF Thx bro *

mrdavid 12.03.11 - 04:52pm
Ok Jen. Whats the name of the songs and i will give it a go? music3.GIF *

ur.fairy 12.03.11 - 07:44pm
Movie name is : Sirutthai
Song lyric : Chellam entha Chellam enna vennum kelu...
hehe.GIF David bro....Hope u not fainted aftr seeing my TAMIL movie lyrics. lol4.GIF *

b0yinl0v 12.03.11 - 08:10pm
i would love to hear (pink -aerosmith) and (show me how to live- audioslave)... Please find em 4 me mrdavid ,thank u.. *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 06:47am
Jen i am still looking for your trackeyepopping.GIF lol

http://cdn1-15.projectplaylist.com/e1/v1_0_0/4tUJmmHfC_la4-Ug2MO3Bd4po16fzb20SdOpkjOTI9-0aB1cbN9SsbW_MMFuRodXBA2dwC7JEeagfbWKW1JYWKw6vKla9NYhdCCxU4H2wTD_CJUjIBbR8EVZG1GYyHGtfAkZ06NbANrHk4wU3dstCM4zFnBzZq43vOg1IlMJyjPZEZ3O01zKhm-Rl6R9pZNbLUzE5qYyJsMadwmPolgQKQ==?e=1300056157&h=80c972163ca479734e7b77b2312f41fc.mp3 Bally Sagoo-Roop Tera Mastana-Remix

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/35509/128/Aerosmith_Pink_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Aerosmith-Pink

http://cd04.static.jango.com/music/02/02/68/0202682601.mp3 Audioslave-Show Me How To Live *

ur.fairy 13.03.11 - 08:06am
hehe.GIF ohh yeah... find it.... bt dnt strain ur eyes lyk tat hahaha *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 02:49pm
http://tamilmini.net/downloads/Tamil_Mp3/load/2011_Hitz/Siruthai/Chellam_Vada_Chellam.mp3 Udit Narayan-Chellam Vada Chellam *

ur.fairy 13.03.11 - 02:51pm
hurray.GIF sooooo swt of u mr.David... wwwwwoooowwwwww *

ur.fairy 13.03.11 - 03:00pm
Can u gimme d songz of KAVALAN movie?? hehe.GIF *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 03:27pm
Yes! i have wrote 5 down and, will post soon! dance2.GIF *

o.0 13.03.11 - 05:26pm
hi-and-hello-26-49652.gif wave.GIF elo mrdavid, I want to request sum songs... Ere dey r...

1. Tonight by Alex Max Band.

2. The title song of da movie 'BOLT' (I forgot da title... oops.GIF hehe) by Miley Cyrus n forgot da name of da other singer...

3. Love the way you lie [part 2] By Rihanna feat Eninem

4. 1973 By James Blunt

5. Breaking the habit By Linkin park

6. Still loving you By Scorpions

Thank-you.jpg *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 05:41pm
http://www.arthika.net/1234TB/new/Kaavalan/TamilBeat.Com%20-%20Sada%20Sadavena.mp3 Karthik-Sada Sada *

o.0 13.03.11 - 05:50pm
hyper.GIF oh oh oh oh deres a other song also I forgot to it. . . .

7. Brighter than sunshine By Aqualung (OST: A lot like love) excited.GIF Plz plz plz plz plz plz find that song pls.GIF Me jst love dat song.

1144086929xu17iS.jpg *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 05:51pm
http://isaitamil.in/download/files/2010/Kavalan/Step_Step_-_(IsaiTamil.In).mp3 Benny Dayal Megha-Step Step *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 06:06pm
http://kollyhits.com/new/Kavalan/Tamilmp3world.Com%20-%20Yaradu.mp3 Karthik-Yaradu *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 06:12pm
http://isaitamil.in/download/files/2010/Kavalan/Pattamboochi_-_(IsaiTamil.In).mp3 K K And Rita-Pattamboochi *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 06:15pm
http://kollyhits.com/new/Kavalan/Tamilmp3world.Com%20-%20Vinnai%20kappan.mp3 Tippu Swertha-Vinnai Kappan *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 07:12pm
http://dc238.4shared.com/img/300577816/6c392c03/dlink__2Fdownload_2F300577816_2F6c392c03_3Ftsid_3D00000000-000000-00000000/preview.mp3 Alex Band - Tonight (Live In Germany 2010) *

mrdavid 13.03.11 - 07:28pm
http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/58230/128/John_Travolta_And_Miley_Cyrus_I_Thought_I_Lost_You_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Miley Cyrus And John Travolta - I Thought I Lost You *

nisha8 13.03.11 - 08:15pm
can u give me the song named Aakho ne. From movie ishuq vishq ?? *

mrdavid 14.03.11 - 02:58am

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/40434/128/Rihanna_Love_The_Way_You_Lie_Part_II_Featuring_Eminem_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Eminem And Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie Part 2

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/53275/128/James_Blunt_1973_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en James Blunt - 1973

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/11140/128/Linkin_Park_Breaking_The_Habit_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/1956/32/Scorpions_Still_Loving_You_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Scorpions - Still Loving You

http://download.wapday.com/fulltrack/connteent/48979/64/Aqualung_Brighter_Than_Sunshine_wapday-com.mp3?__sid=gglL6C3X3T6J4Y9WWD&lang=en Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine *

mrdavid 14.03.11 - 03:09am
@ Nisha8 is this the song u want? http://punjabimob.com/downloads/latest/load/Hindi_New_Albums_128/Bass_Woofer_(2010)/Aakho_Me_Teri(_2010edit)Dj_Yakshaj_-_(PunjabiMob.Com).mp3 Bass Woofer - Aakho Me Teri *

tr00754 14.03.11 - 03:10am
Great work Mr.davidcheers.GIF *

tr00754 14.03.11 - 03:12am
David i want the song mere saya *

mrdavid 14.03.11 - 03:17am
It doesnt work like that my friend! nono.GIF i need artists name. Not just the song... *

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