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Subject: WAP LOVE a waste of tym
Replies: 18 Views: 2159

cutepo0h 10.01.12 - 06:48pm
Comment if u agree. angry5.GIF *

cutepo0h 12.01.12 - 05:32pm
Lmao Dead group eyeroll.GIF *

paula2ai 17.01.12 - 01:21pm
I agree!months i whas in love whit a(male)here but he are whit many woman!so i say bye to him and now im a and more ugly things!his name sposato *

bl3ss3d 18.01.12 - 10:25am
wap love is not advisable *

0silent0 22.01.12 - 12:45pm

palmhot 23.01.12 - 04:11am
Wap love is a way of pretender and their sweet words lol *

2winkle2 18.07.12 - 11:56am
who would even take that serious *

rueiu 21.07.12 - 10:32pm

sumi80 22.07.12 - 03:10am
hello poh . well if u have enough time to waste i can say no. hehehe i love all my wap bfs! if ,1 of them is reading this. hmmmm sorry hun , u r the only 1 . lol! *

tarif_4u 8.08.12 - 04:11am
Hi *

rizkhan8 8.08.12 - 01:00pm
Passing time nicely is olso njoyable...ya tym pass *

rizkhan8 9.04.13 - 06:24pm
nt wise.....tym pass...if u r free.... *

seek4me 2.05.13 - 03:47am
Hey peepz,am michael.kinda new here.wanna meet someone who has the magic to make me fall in love. *

saira02 14.06.13 - 09:21pm
Most people are here just to pass time, they put on a facade in terms of their true personality, profession etc... it's a mere way to draw attention to themselves. i don't think wap love exists at all, not only is it non existant, but falling into the trapof it all could prove to be very risky.... it's important to draw a line when ur participating in the wap world, many people end un living....there is a fine line between reality and that of the wap world, and its very easy to get drawn into a world that seems more ccomadating.... *

chaithra 18.11.13 - 12:53am
i agree with this wap luv.bcoz few months ago i became frnd with a guy in fb.we startd our chattng as days ran we tried to understand each other.nw we r in luv.never judge lov.it happens.bt choose true one frnds... *

sousou20 1.12.13 - 07:40am
i never trust wap love...it doesnt exist at all.. *

0silent0 4.12.13 - 04:57am
Sousou... Try it lolz hehe.GIF *

sousou20 4.12.13 - 12:23pm
with u hahaha hehe.GIF *

0silent0 6.12.13 - 06:00am
No laugh.GIF im not free for love on pro hahaha.GIF *

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