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Subject: love
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tinasimi 28.12.12 - 05:53pm
Wat a love *

peterkal 16.01.13 - 01:19pm
Oh yes what a love *

saira02 28.01.13 - 06:32am
There is a very fine line between the terms love and nfatuation .... Fortunate are those whoe are able to successfully decipher between the two. Naturally when we think of love.... images of hearts, red roses, heart shaped chocolates come to mind....all synonymous with love, purely because the world have made this the optimistic visualisation of LOVE. Personally I think love is when you care for somebody, so much that it brings tears to your eyes.... You get butterflies just by looking at them... and when ur able to sacrifice everything to spend even a moment or two with them,, irrespective of what your current life situation is.. Sadly such true cases of love are rare. *

basiru12 14.02.13 - 03:16am
If u need a strong man am here com an marrade me pleze *

kissofre 20.02.13 - 12:04pm
Love is some think to ply with at can make u go mad *

0silent0 19.11.13 - 11:40am
Love is like a t-sunami pmpl2.GIF lmao.GIF *

frenzy1 7.08.15 - 08:14am
Love is very sencetive and rare *

smurfff 7.08.15 - 08:20am
Love is just a pain *

siddharth17 7.08.15 - 12:57pm
Love is pain when u nt understanding pure one who loves u nd love hve a pain bt we r try to face it darely *

frenzy1 7.08.15 - 07:45pm
Why do u guys say love is pain.,@SMURFF *

siddharth17 7.08.15 - 07:48pm
wt do u think of love? @frenzy *

frenzy1 7.08.15 - 11:25pm
I think love is understanding,peaceful,patience,humbleness *

smurfff 8.08.15 - 01:53am
Lv is pain. dr ru in lve? Let me knw won't u cry fr ur lv ever? *

siddharth17 8.08.15 - 03:14am
I thought im nt in that and everyone cry fr their love when they in losing love bt calmness,Understanding,Trust etc is require fr love *

smurfff 8.08.15 - 04:18am
Some situation make us cry. Nt nly wen we losing our loved one. Siddhartha ru in lv? *

siddharth17 8.08.15 - 05:35am
No im nt in lv bt im searching fr that nd dnt cry fr d same situation when u felt before nd its nt my business bt i ask u wts ur prblm?@smurff *

smurfff 8.08.15 - 05:51am
Sum situation im not say lv is bad bt its pain. Had break up bfr three yrs he still loves me as bfr for sum reasons i avoid him. If u were in lv u will cry. Pains also entr to ur lyf *

rajeshsk 8.08.15 - 05:56am
No lve is not pain the word lve is nic feeling it will nt hurt anybody if u r lve is true, love.GIF *

frenzy1 8.08.15 - 06:46am
Ummm... *

siddharth17 8.08.15 - 07:33am
I cn cry fr love when i lose it bt im nt loving anyone nd love is pain when u struggle in love btb one who loves u much u r gng to love him he waited fr 3yrs nd why u avoiding him? love is all abt pain bt dare to face that *

smurfff 8.08.15 - 09:25am
M sry i cnt say to u all *

siddharth17 8.08.15 - 04:28pm
Im nt force anyone to hear their prsonal things *

siddharth17 8.08.15 - 07:16pm
morning to all in advance hve a nice sunday ahead fr u *

rajeshsk 8.08.15 - 07:23pm
No siddharath smurff nt tel like that her lve story is vry big nic to hear and make our cry so u can ask her by snding inbox msg dude *

siddharth17 9.08.15 - 09:53am
Lol rajesh why u mention me here i cnt ask her persnal prblms first of all i dnt knw her much *

frenzy1 10.08.15 - 08:48pm
What r u guys talking about?@sidd *

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