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Subject: Shaming & Bashing
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dreamn69 1.07.16 - 04:17pm
Hey There Everybody! This is Queen D here, just wanting to share something that came to mind. We now live is a world that is so much more connected that in years past. Our behaviors and their consequences are so far reaching now. So, here is what I wanted to ask. Does anyone think that it is ok to SHAME or BASH anyone else for their personal beliefs, Lifestyle choice or something inherently unchangeable about that person (e.g. Height, Skin color, Natural Body make up/Physique)?

I would like to hear your feedback. I plan to discuss this with my group also in The Queen's Court. I welcome anyone who is interested to come check out the full length version of this posted topic. Thanks in advance for you feedback and your comments. Until the next time, take care. Continued Blessings!

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